In the same goal of achieving thriving success in the industry, Yuwang Group and Prosper Group have joined hands in a project that will transform lives and the humble town of Tawau in the coming generations. This joint effort earns both the privilege and title of introducing the pioneer modern integrated township in Tawau.

Grounded in the philosophy of “flourishing together”, everything that Yuwang Group has built is to fulfil the Group’s viewpoint. Developments are designed from the ground up to nurture community and promote togetherness, fostering a sense of belonging and identity that flourishes into the unique character found in all Yuwang Group communities.

Yuwang Group also has a diversified portfolio in palm oil and rubber plantation, palm oil milling, property investment and hospitality.

Prosper Group’s involvement consists of eight core businesses, including palm oil milling, kernel crushing, plantation, biodiesel and refinery plant, hydroelectric power plant, property, management services and solar energy.

Prosper Group has also ventured into palm oil business development and turnkey projects like agronomy, oil palm related consultant services and investment in public listed shares such as Far East Holding Berhad and CI Reources Limited.

Prosper Group’s forte lies in its strong management, financial prudence, sound investment discipline and a strength refined through decades of experience, innovation, industry insight and with a focused drive to grow from strength to strength.